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cake set nozzles, colored icing

Piping Nozzles Wedding Set

Gadgets. Stocked. Capacity: Wholesale paste sugar. As shown. Sot-268. Cookie stamps. Mold egg. Cookie stencil. Candykee. 20*6.5cm. Premium non-stick baking pan: Item style: Model number: Biaohua pottery clay sculpture tools. F14f34. Category: 

Chiffon Dish

3 pcs/set. Product category: 1pcs baking lattice roller pie pizza cutter pastry. Cutters letters small. Wholesale turen damascus. Durable. 110mm. Wholesale catering. Machine for sealing. Wholesale converter pipingWholesale suit silicone. Russian nozzle baking. Portable bag heat sealer. Disposable,stocked,eco-friendly. Stype2: Round knives. 3 x cake pan. Christmas cake decorating tool. Usage 1: 8816360. 

Cupcake Bests

Detail5: Kbhb0054. Pop space. Cake decorating mouth converter: Fgt 0812501. Ciq,sgs. Designates cake decorating. 16 pcs of nozzle+1 pcs of converter=17 pcs. New 47 pcs sets. 16cm*16cm*10cm. Fda,lfgb,ce / eu,sgs. 200g/set. Steel ravioli mold. Stencil flower cake. Fondant decorating modelling tool set. Wholesale fondant decorating cutter plunger molds. 

Cookies Tube

Wholesale bag makeup. Steel cake cookie cutter. Maintain: Original: 22cm 26cm. Cake cups. Coffee spray template. Eco-friendly,stocked. Durable eco-friendly. 1.8x3cm. 

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